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At Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, we are happy to offer everyone an Equestrian camp that focuses on specific areas of equine learning. Below you will find information specific to this program. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions.

What is the food like? 

So good! Our camp kitchen makes just about everything from scratch, and we can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. 

What is the difference between going to an 100% Equestrian Camp and going to a regular camp that offers horseback riding lessons to their campers ?

While at a regular camp horseback riding is just one activity you are taking during your day. At our Equestrian Camp you live and breath horse because almost all of our activities are entirely horse-centered. This means even when you are not horseback riding you are learning something about horses and their care.

Do you need to purchase riding apparel and a helmet?

The only required equipment is a boot with 1/2 to 1 inch heel and riding breeches or bootcut jeans (no skinny jeans). Campers are NOT permitted to wear leggings, PJ pants, sweatpants of any kind while riding. Shorts are permitted at the barn for afternoons when not riding, boots are still required. We do have helmets available for campers to rent for the week.

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If I have a helmet can I bring it?

If your camper has their own ASTM/SEI approved helmet they are welcome to bring it to camp. we will be checking helmets to make sure that they are fit correctly (see our Helmet Guide), safe and not past their expiration date. Helmets expire 5 years from the manufacture date. You will still be ask to fill out our helmet form and sign a Helmet Release Form in case yours is not fitting correctly, becomes damaged or yours is past the expiration date.

Why do I have to fill out the Helmet Form and the Helmet Release Form if I have my own helmet?

We require every camper to fill out this forms, as we would hate to have a camper miss ride time to a lost helmet or having to wait for a replacement.

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Can I bring my own horse?

No. for mostly health and logistical reasons, we do not allow outside horses to come to Pony Gang Farm. All horses used at our camp are horses that live here around the year.

Can I bring my own tack or grooming supplies to camp?

No. All of our horses have their own tack and grooming supplies already. The tack is perfectly sized and fitted to each of our horses and ready to go. 

Do we ride English or Western? 

We offer both riding styles here at Pony Gang Farm and so camper can choice what she wants to ride during her lessons but campers will get to experience of bareback riding as well. 

Will we spend every lesson jumping? 

No. Our program is designed to build fundamental skills, and includes a range of lessons and drills. Campers can look forward to a good variety of riding but jumping is not our main priority at horse crazy camp

How do you assign riding groups? 

Along with the other forms required before coming to camp is a rider profile that gives us knowledge of your camper’s riding experience. We also have a short quiz that campers that come with previous riding experience have to fill out during check in. In addition to that, our trainers will have a one on one conversation with campers about their equestrian experience. Each rider is then evaluated on a horse for a few minutes to give the director a glimpse of their overall stature on a horse and fundamentals such as how they use their hands, seat, and legs so we can select the best horse for them. Lessons are grouped together by the camper’s current riding level.

What if it rains? 

As long as it is only a light drizzle we will still have lessons. Should it be downpouring then we will see that we get our lessons in after the rain ends. But sometimes we are unable to do a horse lesson because of the weather, we apologize in advance should it happen to you. We will have alternatives ready to still work with campers on their riding with our barrel and balance horses in addition horse simulator 

What if it is too hot? 

This depends on the heat index. For the heat index you add temperature and humidity together. We have to avoid heat stress or heat stroke for our horses because this could be life-threatening for them. For example, if the temperature outside is 80 degrees and the humidity is 50%:, the heat index number is 130 - so we could ride. 

Less than 130: Horses can be ridden if proper hydration is provided to them at all points 

130 - 150: Be cautious. The horse's ability to cool itself will be compromised by the heat and humidity. 

160 or above: No riding, because it takes only about 15 minutes of moderate exercise to raise our horse's body temperature to a dangerous, potentially life-threatening level. It could be that on some days we will push the lessons to a very early time or a later in the evening time to ensure our horses will be okay. 

Where will campers sleep at camp? 

All of our campers will bunk together in our 768Sqft wooden cabin. The cabin has 3 bedrooms. Our Cabin is air conditioned so that our campers will be able to rest comfortable.

What if my daughter is a beginner rider with no previous horse experience? 

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our camp weeks and teach you all there is to know about horses and their care. Our camp is not only specialized in riders with previous experience but we also love to teach beginner girl riders all about correct and balanced riding. 

How much time do campers spend riding?

Weather permitting, equestrian campers ride once a day. The activities range from bareback, pony games, go on a trail ride and more.

Do the campers help feed the horses?

Yes! Our camper will get a horse/pony assigned to them on the first day of camp and they are responsible for this horse/pony during their stay. This includes but is not limited to feeding hay, grain and treats to them.

How much time do the campers spend around the horses over the day?

Our campers live and breath horses here at Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp almost all day. It would be easier to answer how much time they spend without being around horses.

Do campers clean stalls?

Cleaning stalls is one of the many responsibilities of having a horse/pony and this is what our camp is all about teaching children the responsibility that comes with owning a horse

How much time will the campers spend on feeding and cleaning?

Regular this tasks don't take the campers longer as 60-90minutes in the afternoon.

Our staff will do the morning feeding before moving the horses into the barn during the summer or into the pastures during the winter.

Can you cater to specials diets (vegetarian, gluten intolerant, etc)?

Certainly! We’ve frequently had vegetarian, diabetic and gluten-free kids who all thrived at camp.  It can be a fun experience for us to learn how to make good food that might be different from how we normally eat.  Accommodating special dietary needs is no problem, but please be sure to let us know all the details in advance on the Medical Form required with the Registration Application.  Please feel free to call our office with any additional concerns you may have regarding your child’s dietary

What if a camper needs regular medication?

We make sure to take meticulous care of every medical situation, including managing daily medications.  A Medical Permission Form is required to be completed for every child that comes to camp.  If your child takes regular medication, please indicate the exact doses on the form.  Also, please make sure that your child arrives at camp with all medications in the original packaging, with prescription, dosage, and doctor’s information on the label.  

Can campers receive mail and packages at camp?

Snail mail is great!  The drawback is that during a one-week session, there sometimes isn’t enough time to get regular mail to your camper in time.  Feel free to email us with “Letter for _________” in the subject line.  We will print it out and distribute to your campers. Or prewrite the letters and we will give them to your camper during lunch time on the days you instruct us to. There will be a mailbox available during check-in in which you can drop the letters off (please ensure to have your daughters name and the delivery day on the envelope).

Please DO NOT send packages to your camper here at camp, because if they arrive after your child has left you will have to pay for return shipping or we will dispose the package.

Can campers bring personal electronics or cell phones?

Personal electronics are not allowed at camp.  We strive to create a (mostly) technology free atmosphere. Part of the camp experience is the chance for kids to get away from the devices and screens that are constantly around them in daily life, enabling them to establish a connection with the ranch, the people here, the animals and the environment surrounding them.  If a cell phone is necessary for travel to/from the ranch, please let us know and we can hold it for your camper until needed again at the end of camp.

Can I call the farm for an update on how my child is doing?

Yes, you may call the ranch house for an update and to talk with staff members about how your child is doing.

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