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Smiling Girl learning how to trick ride

It all started with a dream.....

The Terebayza's had started working with horses and children in a small lessons program at a boarding facility in Germany and then their dream of their own place became a reality in November 2012 when the family moved from Germany to Camden South Carolina and purchased a small ranch house with pasture land attached to it.

They worked hard to build up the place of their dreams. Fall of 2013 they started offering lessons again and in the summer of 2014 offered their first Day camp for children. The program grew every year and in 2016 they hosted their first Overnight Camp experience for Girls.

In 2020 their program received a complete overturn because they wanted to offer more horse experience to their campers than just the typical horseback riding that every horse camp offers. With this changes the HORSE CRAZY CAMP was born. It offers its campers more horse activities with their Trick Riding and Vaulting lessons each day, in combination of offering their campers their own camp horse to take care of and most of the times this isn't the same horse/pony they are bonding with during their riding activities. It is a second horse they can bond with and learn how to take care off.

In 2022 Camp moved from its original location in Camden to a larger facility in Hopkins South Carolina. Here they not only are able to offer their horses more space but also are able to serve their horse crazy campers better..

Pony Gang Team

The Pony Gang Farm is run year-round by a small team of equestrian professionals.

Our summer team members are recruited from former campers and students, as well as equestrian teams and colleges from around South Carolina. Our counselors are chosen not only for their riding expertise but also for their love of giving their knowledge forward to other children.

All counselors are trained in safety procedures and instructional techniques specific to our programs before camp begins each summer.

Trainer teaching girl how to tack


Our facilities meets the needs of all riding levels.

The new Pony Gang Farm location is located on 27.51 acres with access to 14 more acres and we are located in a beautiful country setting of Richland County.

The property is set back almost a half mile from the main road on the dead end of a private road and with this our farm is the perfect place for our campers to disconnect from their normal life and enjoy the farm and the horses.

Our Equestrian facility includes a 100x200ft outdoor arena, a 20x40m outdoor arena and a 60 ft round pen.

We have two barns - one u-shaped barn with a court yard that has 12 stalls, our grooming & feed room, hay storage, Western & English tack room plus our Wash stall. One straight-shaped barn with 12 stalls, an emergency stall and another tack room.

The farm is peaceful and just invites everyone to wind down, relax and have fun.

Camp Horses

Campers are matched with one of our horses or ponies for their riding lesson and another horse or pony for feeding and stable management for their entire stay at Pony Gang Farm.

Our four legged partners here at Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp near Columbia SC are the true magicians behind our riding part of Horse Camp and without them our horseback riding camp program wouldn't be the magical

place for our campers.

Their amazing energy, love, patience, and their unspoken understanding, helps work miracles with beginner to advanced riders. Each of our ponies and horses is unique in their own way..... and they all have a story to tell.

We work with our horses and ponies every day of the year, not only in our lessons program but also in training rides. We know their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, we are better able to match our campers with the “right horse” in Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp horseback riding program.

40 horses, ponies and donkeys call Pony Gang Farm their year around home. 27 of them are used for lessons and camp. Each camper will get one of our lessons horses/ponies assigned to them for the week.

Our other horses, ponies and our donkeys are rescues or our retired horses that are not ridable anymore.

Girl and horse in harmony
Our horses here at Camp
More of our horses here at camp
Campers cabin at Horse Camp


Campers get to eat, sleep, and breathe horses!

Our campers live in our Campers Cabin located directly beside the barn and hay shed.

The cabin has 3 dormitory style bedrooms equipped with bunk beds and 2 full bathrooms. Our cabin is air conditioned for this cool and good night sleep in the South Carolina heat.

Our counselors live with the campers in the cabin. We maintain a staff to camper ratio of 1:5.

Bedrooms split by age, but placed in riding groups based on experience and ability.

Camp matters!

Studies have shown that kids who attend summer camp are more developed socially, emotionally and intellectually

Pony Gang Farm foster’s a unique growth and independence in children, and our kids leave camp prepared to thrive at home, in college, and in life.

Summer Camps encourages achievement and build self-esteem and confidence needed to become leaders.

It also promotes healthy lifestyles, fitness and activity.

Smiling girl at camp learning trick riding

Camps always have a great benefit for children - Camp sets you up for success in life.

Camps are fun, and children make friends who one day may be roommates, or in their wedding... Children experience at Camp things they won't at home.

Camp is about fun & development!

Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp offers you a wide range of Daily Activities !

little girl at summer camp
Girls smiling and having fun at camp
Girl holding pony at a pony camp
2 girls becoming friends at camp
Girl sitting on the ground with a horse


Can I bring my own horse?

No. for mostly health and logistical reasons, we do not allow outside horses to come to Pony Gang Farm. All horses used at our camp are horses that live here around the year.

Can I bring my own helmet and boots? 

Yes! We recommend that you have your own fitted helmet and riding boots, but we are happy to provide you with a helmet if needed for a weekly charge. 

Can I bring my own tack or grooming supplies to camp?

No. All of our horses have their own tack and grooming supplies already. The tack is perfectly sized and fitted to each of our horses and ready to go. 

Do we ride English or Western? 

We offer both riding styles here at Pony Gang Farm and so camper can choice what she wants to ride during her lessons but campers will get to experience of bareback riding as well. 

Will we spend every lesson jumping? 

No. Our program is designed to build fundamental skills, and includes a range of lessons and drills. Campers can look forward to a good variety of riding. 

How do you assign riding groups? 

In addition to the Riding forms, our trainers will interview campers when they arrive asking about their riding experience, the horses ridden in the past, and their individual needs, preferences and goals. We also have a short quiz that helps us to assign each camper to the correct lessons group. 

What if it rains? 

As long as it is only a light drizzle we will still have lessons. Should it be downpouring then we will see that we get our lessons in after the rain ends. But sometimes we are unable to do a horse lesson because of the weather, we apologize in advance should it happen to you. We will have alternatives ready to still work with campers on their riding with our barrel and balance horses in addition horse simulator 

What if it is too hot? 

This depends on the heat index. For the heat index you add temperature and humidity together. We have to avoid heat stress or heat stroke for our horses because this could be life-threatening for them. For example, if the temperature outside is 80 degrees and the humidity is 50%:, the heat index number is 130 - so we could ride. 

Less than 130: Horses can be ridden if proper hydration is provided to them at all points 

130 - 150: Be cautious. The horse's ability to cool itself will be compromised by the heat and humidity. 

160 or above: No riding, because it takes only about 15 minutes of moderate exercise to raise our horse's body temperature to a dangerous, potentially life-threatening level. It could be that on some days we will push the lessons to a very early time or a later in the evening time to ensure our horses will be okay. 

What is the food like? 

So good! Our camp kitchen makes just about everything from scratch, and we can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. 

Where will campers sleep at camp? 

All of our campers will bunk together in our 768Sqft wooden cabin. The cabin has 3 bedrooms. Our Cabin is air conditioned so that our campers will be able to rest comfortable.

What if my daughter is a beginner rider with no previous horse experience? 

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our camp weeks and teach you all there is to know about horses and their care. Our camp is not only specialized in riders with previous experience but we also love to teach beginner girl riders all about correct and balanced riding. 

You have questions that are not covered above, check out our FAQ page for even more questions and answers.

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