Winter Day Horse Camp

Last Horse Riding Camp of 2024

Girls & Boys

We fulfill all your "Sleepaway summer horse camp near me" needs

There is no better way to start the new year as on the back of a horse here at our affordable horse camp


a Camper

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Lunch & Water during the camp time included

December 26 - December 27, 2024




Welcome to Pony Gang's Affordable Horse Camp - the ideal destination for youth to forge lasting friendships and enjoy exhilarating equestrian experiences. Our day horse camp provides a nurturing, secure, and amicable atmosphere for youngsters to thrive alongside majestic horses.

Above and Beyond the Average Horse Camps Near Me

Embark on a journey at our Horseback Riding Camp to ignite passion, imagination, bravery, and self-assurance, with horses at the heart of every activity.

The Pony Gang camp is a cornerstone for cultivating perseverance, initiative, and pivotal life skills such as self-restraint and determination.

Join Us to Commence an Equestrian Winter Camp Adventure!

Every participant is paired with a gentle, well-prepared horse or pony for riding sessions that enrich our day horse camps. Daily arena rides are a staple of our program.

Moreover, campers receive fundamental training in trick riding and equestrian vaulting, introducing them to these captivating equine sports.

Our comprehensive curriculum also covers essential horse care techniques, including feeding, stall cleaning, administering first aid, as well as understanding equine colors and markings.

affordable horse camps near me

Girl riding Western at camp
Girl learning how to ride western

Embrace Equestrianism: Where Passion for Horses Sparks a Lifelong Pursuit!

At Pony Gang, we believe in active engagement - it's about immersive learning and hands-on experience!

Progress Through Practice

Winter Day Horse Camp: A Medley of Enthralling Horse-Related Activities

- in the Stable

- groundwork mastery

- riding proficiency

Exciting Plans Await at Our Inaugural Winter Equestrian Summer Camps

Girls getting ready for trick riding

Our team are professional horse people that are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation of Equestrians.

Our winter day horse camp is suitable for beginners and the experienced horseback riding girls.

Campers will have excellent meals, accommodations, and lots of FUN!

Daily Schedule at Horse Camp

09:00 am Welcome to camp

09:15 am Start riding activities

11:00 am Trick riding and Vaulting lesson

12:00 pm Lunch

12:30 pm Horsemanship Class

01:00 pm Daily changing Horsey art & crafts

02:15 pm Stable management

03:00 pm Goodbye camp

First free riding for beginner rider


a Camper


because spaces are limited to 10 campers


Girl showing the flag on the trick horse
"All campers are expected to participate in barn chores, including cleaning stall & feeding horses and cleaning tack."

Why Campers have to engage in barn chores?

Involving campers in horse care during their stay at a horse camp is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, it fosters a deep sense of responsibility and respect for the animals. By feeding and watering the horses, campers learn the importance of consistent care and how it directly impacts the health and well-being of the horses.

Cleaning pastures and stalls teaches them the significance of maintaining a clean and safe environment, which is crucial for preventing diseases and ensuring the comfort of the horses.

Moreover, cleaning up behind themselves in the barn and wiping down tack at the end of the camp week instills discipline and organization. These tasks help campers understand that being around horses is not just about riding but also about the comprehensive care that goes into keeping them happy and healthy. This holistic approach to horse care ensures that campers develop a well-rounded skill set and appreciation for all aspects of horsemanship.

Engaging in these activities also builds teamwork and camaraderie among campers. Working together to complete these tasks can strengthen bonds and create a supportive community environment.

Furthermore, these activities provide valuable life lessons in hard work, dedication, and the rewards that come from seeing the positive outcomes of their efforts.

Ultimately, involving campers in horse care enriches their camp experience, making it more meaningful and educational. It prepares them for future responsibilities, both in the context of horsemanship and in their everyday lives

What are the daily barn chores?

Upon the start of each camp week, campers are assigned a specific horse or pony for which they are accountable.

Our experienced counselors or the barn manager will provide guidance as necessary.

Cleaning the Grooming Area:

Similar to any riding school, we expect every rider to maintain the cleanliness of their grooming area, requiring them to sweep the area after each use.

Cleaning Stalls:

Since horses cannot clean their stalls themselves, it falls upon us, as equestrians, to perform this task for them.

Filling Water Buckets:

Horses can consume up to 10 gallons of water daily, during warmer months even more as this. Proper hydration is crucial for their health.

Feeding Supplements:

To ensure horses receive all necessary nutrients and vitamins, which they might not get from hay and grass alone, supplements and feed are essential, particularly for working or older horses.

Cleaning Water Troughs:

Water troughs are cleaned weekly to guarantee that horses have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Sweeping Barn Aisle:

As a shared responsibility, campers take turns performing sweeping duties in the barn aisle after feeding sessions. This collaborative effort helps maintain the cleanliness and order of the space, ensuring a tidy environment for all.

Cleaning Tack:

After each ride, the used tack is wiped down by campers, and a thorough cleaning is conducted on the last day of camp. This process is crucial not just for the tack's appearance but for the comfort and safety of the horses during riding sessions.

How much time will campers spend on this chores?

Campers will spend around 45 minutes a day on this chores.

Girls cleaning stalls at camp