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Upcoming Summer Horse Camp: Where Lovely Ponies Await Your Child

Tiny Tot Horse Camp: A Summer Packed with Horse Camp adventures!

Experience a 5-Day Journey of Fun, Sun, and Ponies at Tiny Tot Horse Camp!

Welcome to our Summer Horse Camp, a haven for tiny tots aged three to five looking for a horse camp adventure. This camp is the perfect summer choice for children who love horses, ponies, unicorns, the great outdoors, or simply have a deep affection for animals.

In the summer of 2024, we are thrilled to open our Tiny Tot Horse Camp. Designed as a more accessible version of our standard offerings, this camp is tailored to gently introduce young children to the equestrian lifestyle in a fun and engaging manner. Under the guidance of our dedicated counselors, little ones will discover the joys of horse care and riding. Alongside, they will participate in a variety of fun games and creative crafts.

Our camp provides a vibrant and enriching setting for your child to make new friends, both human and animal. It's an opportunity for them to deepen their love for horses with practical experiences in handling, grooming, tacking up, and riding. We enhance the learning experience with horseback gymnastics and cap off each day with horse-inspired crafts, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable summer horse camp experience.

The riding sessions at our summer horse camp are crafted to be both fun and perfectly suited for young learners.

At our Tiny Tot Horse Camp, campers get the unique opportunity to ride ponies and miniature horses, selected specifically for their small stature to ensure a secure and ideal riding experience. This method not only enriches the learning experience but also ensures it's a joyous one, fostering a profound love for horseback riding early on.

Say goodbye to the lengthy searches for "horseback riding summer camps near me" or "horse camp adventure"

Opting for our Tiny Tot Horse Camp means...

....choosing a summer brimming with horse camp adventures, rich learning, and moments that will be treasured for years to come. Our camps with horseback riding are not merely about learning horseback riding; it's an adventure-packed journey. It’s where your child will explore, make new friends, and have a blast.

Enroll in a summer horse camp that stands out among equestrian summer camps and summer riding camps. Reserve a place for your child in an environment that's designed to nurture young equestrians. With our focus on safety, fun, and education, tiny tots are set on a path of discovery and excitement, making every summer with us an unforgettable adventure.

Campers making friends at Camp

Horse camp can be a beneficial experience for your little one in several ways:

Outdoor Exposure: Horse camps are typically held outdoors, allowing children to connect with nature. This exposure to the outdoors can foster a love for the environment and help children develop an appreciation for the natural world.

Physical Activity: Interacting with horses involves physical activity. Children can engage in activities like grooming, leading, and riding horses, which promote physical fitness and motor skill development.

Responsibility and Care: Caring for horses teaches children responsibility. They learn to feed, groom, and clean up after the animals, which can instill a sense of accountability and empathy.

Social Skills: Horse camps often involve group activities and interactions with instructors and counselors. This can help children develop social skills, improve communication, and make new friends.

Confidence Building: Successfully handling and riding or vaulting a pony can boost a Childs self-confidence. Overcoming challenges and mastering new skills can be empowering.

Sensory Stimulation: Ponies provide a unique sensory experience. children can touch their fur, listen to their hoofbeats, and observe their behavior, which can stimulate their senses and contribute to their cognitive development.

Bonding with Animals: Interacting with horses can foster a strong bond between children and animals. This bond can teach empathy, kindness, and respect for animals, which are important life values.

Patience and Focus: Working with horses requires patience and focus. Children can learn to be patient when waiting for a ponies cooperation and develop concentration skills while following instructions from instructors.

Stress Reduction: Spending time around animals and in a natural environment can have a calming effect on children. It can help reduce stress and promote emotional well-being.

Fun and Enjoyment: Most importantly, horse camp is a fun and enjoyable experience for children. Engaging in activities they find exciting can foster a lifelong love for horses and outdoor activities.

However, it's important to note that not all children in the ages of 3-5 years may be ready for horse camp, as it can be physically demanding and requires a certain level of maturity and attention. Parents should assess their child's readiness before signing them up.

Tiny Tot Camp Daily Program

Daily Horseback Riding Program

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Daily Vaulting Program

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Dates & Prices

Monday - Friday

Drop off 9:00 am - Pick up 1:00 pm

July 15 - July 19, 2024

July 22 - July 26, 2024

$ 400

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